Book: „Unser Urwald“ – Virgin Forests

Unser Urwald. Die letzten wilden Wälder im Herzen Europas.

5000 years ago central Europe was covered by large forests, dominated by European Beech. 50 meters high tree giants, large amounts of dead wood and a great biodiversity – these virgin woodlands were looking similar to the forests shown in fantasy movies today.

But they are almost gone. Almost. There are some few virgin forest areas still left in the Heart of Europe.

Between 2013 and 2015 I have visited and documented 77 of those wild places in the Alps, in the Carpathians, in the Dinaric Arc, in the Apennins and the hills and lowlands of the north, in Germany, Czech Republic, Poland or southern Sweden.

Many of them are truly unseen and hidden places, which have been rarely documented in photography.

You find photo portraits of Europe’s last wild woodlands in my new book „Unser Urwald. Die letzten wilden Wälder im Herzen Europas“ , which was released in 2015 (German language only).

Europe’s last wild woodlands are not save yet: In some CEE regions such as Romania illegal logging, bad management, over use and corruption are threatening parts of the last big virgin forests within the EU. Only a part of them is protected in National Parks or UNESCO reserves.

With my book I also want to increase the public value of our remaining paradise forests and highlight the need to improve their protection.

Previews of my book in a slideshow: Virgin Forest

You can also order it here directly at Brandstätter Publishing House.