Spessart, Bayern - Der Fotograf Matthias Schickhofer in einem alten Eichen- Buchenwald im Hochspessart. Umweltschützer fordern die Einrichtung eines Nationalparks im Hochspessart, um sämtliche Altwälder zu erhalten und die bestehenden Schutzgebiete besser zu vernetzen. (c) Matthias Schickhofer

Matthias Schickhofer in an old growth forest Spessart, Bavaria.

Wild nature and the creative features of universe have always been fascinating to me.

Wilderness is a direct expression of evolution and of  creation.  Unspoiled and distant landscapes, forms, creatures, abstract structures, but also humans  and human interest reportage have been attractive to me as a photographer.

Most of my life I have been dedicating to protection of environment, nature / wilderness as well as advocating justice and social change. I worked as campaigner, campaign director, communications / programme director and global issue unit head for Greenpeace (1991 – 2008). Since 2008 I have been supporting a large number of NGOs regarding campaign strategy, campaign communications or team development and training. Among my clients were so far: EuroNatur, WWF (Austria), FOUR PAWS International, GLOBAL 2000 / FOE,  Greenpeace (Germany, CEE), Ute Bock refugee project, SLOGA-Platform Slovenia, Globale Verantwortung (Austria) or Fundraising Association Austria. Furthermore I keep myself busy as a (conservation and nature) photographer, as a journalist and book author.

In September 2015 my photography book „Unser Urwald. Die letzten wilden Wälder im Herzen Europas“ was been published with Brandstaetter Verlag in Vienna. A preview of images is available here: Book – Virgin Forest .

My first photography book about the last ancient forests of Austria (Urwald in Österreich) published in March 2013 with Christian Brandstätter Publishing House unfortunately is sold out!  Only second hand copies are available.

In October 2018 my book about Europe’s big mountain range, the Alps, was published: „Schwarzbuch Alpen“.  It calls for new approaches with tourism, forestry, land use planning, nature protection etc. and includes also 40 images from different bright and dark alpine places…

Samples of my photographic works can also be viewed with my agency partners:

www.asablanca.com (agency for photographers and journalists)

www.neuebildanstalt.de (Hamburg based Agency neuebildanstalt; search for “schickhofer”)



My images and / or articles have been published in „Universum Magazin“, „Biorama“, „Profil“, „News“, „Der Standard“, „Compliment“, „GEO“, „Süddeutsche Zeitung“, in various Greenpeace publications – and online.

In 2000 I co-authored the Greenpeace photo-book “Planet der Wälder” about ancient forests (Echo Publishing House, Vienna).

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