Wild Forests of Romania and Austria: Photojourneys and photowalks 2024

In 2024, you can once again accompany me on photo hikes in Austria – and for the first time also in Romania.
In addition to my wonderful partners Gesäuse National Park and Naturschauspiel Oberösterreich / Bergwandern mit Martha and Bärentrail, I am now also offering photo tours to the primary forests in Romania in cooperation with ARR Reisen.
This is an absolute premiere – a nature + photo journey to Romania’s hidden and truly wild forests has never before been offered before by a tour operator in Austria or Germany.

We will experience natural landscapes with primary forests, mountain gorges and enchanted valleys in deep forests – in Romania and in Austria!

I will accompany the groups as your „coach“ at the camera.
We will learn to „see“ images in nature and to creatively translate them into interesting / successful photos with the help of light, camera and lenses.

Austria’s beautiful Gesäuse National Park not only offers breathtaking mountain scenery but also old growth forests in deep gorges and steep slopes. I will be visiting the latter with small groups in June and October.

On July 5 – 7, I will accompany mountain guide Martha Riess on a 2-day photo hike into the gorgeous mountain landscape of the Upper Austria „Salzkammergut“. (in cooperation with NATURSCHAUSPIEL OÖ). Registration here: Eyes on Alpenwildnis

The Trips to Romania will take place …

Don’t miss the photo hike on October 19 in Austria’s magnificent Waldviertel region on the „Bärentrail hiking route – where we will visit hidden, wild places almost „on our doorstep“.

And: you can hire me as your personal coach for a great wilderness photography experience. If you are interested please use the contact function.

It would be great if you could share this information to friends who might be interested! 

Here are some previews of my upcoming photography walks in 2024:


Fairy tale moment in Romania’s remote Fagaras Mountains.
Fantasy world in truly wild valley in rugged Fagaras mountain range.
Primary mountain forest in Fagaras, Romania’s highest mountain range. The area is also harboring the largest tracks of primary and old growth forests in the country.
Magic of fall in wild beech forests in the UNESCO World Heritage Site and national park Domogled – Valea Cernei.
Wild forest in remote valleys in Romania’s biggest national park Domogled – Valea Cernei.
Ancient peasant land and wild forests in Domogled – Valea Cernei national park and UNESCO World Heritage site
Morning in Prisacina, Domogled – Valea Cernei national park
Morning in Prisacina, Domogled – Valea Cernei national park
Waterfall, Hartelsgraben, Gesäuse national park (Austria)
Lower Austria, water vortex on the Kamp river at the Bärentrail.
Lower Austria, little hidden gorge, Kamp river, seen from Bärentrail hiking route.
Starry night on Dachstein plateau
Fairy tale waterfall in Hartelsgraben, Gesäuse national park.
First sunlight touching Upper Austria’n’s highest mountains
Enzian blossom, Hartelsgraben.
Sycamore veteran tree in Gesäuse National Park
Nocturnal lightning show over Upper Austria’s honey peaks
Old growth beech in Gesäuse National Park
Wild forest in Hartelsgraben gorge, Gesäuse National Park
Lunaria blossoms in Gesäuse National Park
Waterfall in Hartelsgraben gorge in Gesäuse National Park

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