Wild Forests and Mountains Photowalks 2021

In 2021, there will be photography walks  in old growth forest in Jauerling – Wachau Nature Park, on Warscheneck mountain plateau, in Gesäuse National Park, on vast Dachstein mountain plateau and to magnificent places in beautiful Gosau valley.

We will experience fascinating gorges, mossy old growth forests, hidden waterfalls, wide mountain plateaus, big skies and magical autumn colors.
I will assist the groups as your „coach“ at the camera.
The trips will show you some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Austria – definitely worth a visit!

Please find dates / registration links below:

Photography hikes in Nationalpark Gesäuse / Fotoschule Gesäuse and Naturschutzakademie Steiermark:
June 13, 2021 – Hartelsgraben gorge
August 28, 2021 – Hartelsgraben gorge
October 23, 2021 – Hartelsgraben gorge
October 24, 2012 – Wasserfallweg

Photography hikes with Martha Riess into awesome alpine wildernes of Warscheneck (June 4-6), Dachstein (August 13-15) and Gosau valley / Löckenmoos (July 2-4) – in cooperation with Naturschauspiel Oberösterreich: „Eyes on Alpenwildnis“

Photohike into wild forests in spring colors at the slopes of Danube valley in Naturpark Jauerling – Wachau: May 22. All details here!

Here are some views of  previous photography walks:

Nature Park Jauerling – Wachau / Austria: Old growth beech and oak forest at southern slopes of Jauerling range.
Fairy tale forest in Hartelsgraben gorge / Gesäuse national park
Wild mountain forest at Warscheneck mountain plateau
Old growth autumn forest in the wild Hartelsgraben gorge / Gesäuse national park
Hidden waterfall, Hartelsgraben, Gesäuse national park.H
Hidden beauty, off trail. Wasserfallweg.
Starry night on Dachstein plateau
Fairy tale waterfall in Hartelsgraben, Gesäuse national park.
Sunrise in vast Dachstein wilderness
Enzian blossom, Hartelsgraben.
Morning glory in Kamp valley, Altenburg abbey
Old growth beech and oak forest at southern slopes of Jauerling in Danube Valley.
Sycamore veteran tree in Hartelsgraben gorge / Gesäuse national park
Old growth beech „ent“ in autumn mood in Gesäuse national park
Fairytale oak and beech forest on the slopes of the Jauerling in the Wachau / Danube valley
Nocturnal lightning show, seen from Krippenstein lodge, Dachstein

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