Unexpeced Wilderness Next Door

Do you remember those fantasy films where people step into a forest and suddenly find themselves in another world? Such places really do exist. Not a joke.

Not far from our homes there are hidden places that are unexpectedly wild and unspoiled. These places were obviously overlooked. They have been difficult to access for exploitation. Or less interesting from an economic point of view because of poor resource provision. So they somehow „avoided“ caterpillars and chainsaws. Til today.

These places still hold the memory of the ancient wilderness. Our former homeland, when nature was something normal, our habitat – and not just a background for holiday destinations … Here, the wild soul of the original landscape still has a residence.

I explored and photographed such places in my childhood region of Waldviertel in northern Austria. This is an extraordinary lovely and diverse cultural landscape – with numerous surprising remnant „nests“ of ancient and free nature. My photographic expeditions were the basis for a photography book – „Wildes Waldviertel“, published by Brandstätter Verlag (in German).

You can order the book: HERE.

Herewith I present a small glimpse into wild, strange places next door. They are near but they sometimes look like from another world …

These hidden places are often very small, fragile and vulnerable. Therefore, they have to remain hidden and their exact locations are not revealed here. But I would like to assist you to recognize these remnants of the wilderness by yourself and to encourage you to detect wild spots in your neighborhood as well – so that you can help to preserve them.

In 2024 I will be offering photographic walks to some of these magical places ….

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